Eating right before bed is important for weight loss. Check what not to eat & best foods to eat before bed with the list of post-dinner snacks.

A proper weight loss regime needs concentration on both exercise and diet of a person. Yes, it is true that 70 percent of your body mass is dependent upon the kind of foods you intake and 30 percent depends on the movement. This is why it is essential that you watch what you consume before going to bed too. Eating right before bed is not advisable for weight loss.

However, greasy food, sugary food, fatty food, high-protein food, spicy food items are a strict no-no, if you wish to eat right before bed. Incorporate low-calorie healthy snacks that are sleep inducing so as to satisfy your salty and sweet cravings to ensure correct bedtime snacking habits.

The List Of Post-Dinner Snacks To Avoid Includes:

Sugary Food Items

While a lot of you might feel rested after gulping a huge slice of chocolate cake or a handful of cookies but it won’t really help you fall asleep. Sugar is a big no for the ones trying to lose the extra kilos from the body.

Moreover, a sudden intake of a large amount of sugar can shoot up your blood sugar and energy level. This disturbs the sleep process. You can replace the sugar cravings with eating the right food like apples and bananas.


The intake of alcohol relaxes the valves connecting the stomach and the esophagus. This enables the human body to hold the food in its place and causes reflux. Hence, alcohol is not an ideal treat before going to bed.

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Soda also causes somewhat the same damage upon the valves connecting the stomach and the esophagus as alcohol. It also leads to an increase in stomach pressure due to the presence of carbonation. This drink tops the foods to avoid late-night because it can be much more acidic than you think.

Citrus Fruits

Oranges are quite acidic in nature too. This is problematic, as the citrus acid can cause a sensitive bladder and reflux in the body. You can opt for a safe fruit like an apple instead. Carbohydrates are really helpful in the sleeping process.


Burgers contain a high quantity of saturated fat that can hinder the weight loss results. The consumption of heavy and fatty food items at night get the digestive tract working hard, disrupting sleep.


Ice-creams are full of fat and sugar content. A bowl of ice cream is enough to put your digestive system on run and cause disturbances in sleep during the night.


Chocolate is something not good for eating at night. It is a good snacking item for the daytime. Chocolates have naturally inhibited stimulants like theobromine and caffeine. This can disrupt the major time of muscle recovery during sleep, sabotaging your fitness routine in the morning.


A lot of people feel nuts are healthy snack items to munch at almost any time of the day. Despite being unsaturated fat, nuts can cause reflux. Hence, you should avoid the intake of nuts like walnuts, cashews, peanuts, and macadamias during late hours. The almonds and pistachios are not that hard to digest.


Coffee is inherently acidic in nature and generates additional stomach acid as well. This is why coffee is considered one of the worst foods to eat before bed.

Spicy Food Items

Highly spicy food items can be a cure for major health ailments but not at night. Such food items consist of chemicals that stimulate senses and reduce the chances to fall asleep.

The idea is to eat foods low in acid, fat, and sugar items for a bedtime snack. You can stock your kitchen with healthy food items like bananas, soothing chamomile tea etc. Eating right before bed has myriad benefits. Bookmark the checklist for the right impact.

4. Foods You Should Stop Eating Right Before Bed