If you are trying to lose weight, nutrient defense foods are the ones you should go for. Protein and fiber-rich foods are the best foods for weight management. A particular study found out that fruits, nuts, yogurt, vegetables, green tea, and whole grains greatly contribute to weight loss. Different foods perform different levels of metabolism in your body; this makes different foods to have varying level of effects on your hormones, hunger, and the number of calories your body will burn.

Below is a list of best foods for weight loss and why

Whole eggs

Many people consume eggs, particularly for breakfast, consuming eggs can help you to lose weight. Although high intake of eggs leads to increased levels of cholesterol. According to recent studies, eggs are playing a critical role in weight loss. Eggs are a great source of fats, choline, vitamin D, and high-quality protein. When you eat high protein breakfast, it will go along way to making you active throughout the day while at the same time helping you in weight loss.

When you take in foods rich in protein, they increase the satiety and at the same time regulating appetite and hunger hormones. This will make you fend of from hunger until lunch time. According to some research, eating eggs for breakfast makes people more active and satisfied than taking bagels.


Avocadoes are another type of food that helps in reducing weight. According to Webmd.com, they are very rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, potassium, dietary fiber, and phytochemicals. When you consume avocadoes, your BMI will tend to reduce over time, lower waist circumference, and lower body weight than those people who do not take avocadoes.

As per the study in the nutritional journal, fresh avocados have higher levels of calories than other fruits or vegetables. The satisfying fats and fiber found in this fruit help you to lose weight and slim down. You need to add to your sandwich, salad, or taco every day if your goal is to reduce weight.


Almonds are the best source of fiber to our body. They are also rich in protein. Eating foods rich in protein and one-two punch of fiber makes you feel fuller for a very long period. This prevents you from taking unhealthy snacks between meals. Almonds are rich in vitamin E and a good source of polyunsaturated fats.


If you want to lose weight, then salmon is one of the foods that you need to consider including your diet. Salmon is a great source of quality fatty acids and proteins. When you take a diet rich in fatty acids, it will help you to feel more satisfied throughout the day. Eating salmon can be versatile and delicious.


Yogurt is another excellent food for weight loss. Yogurt contains high amounts of proteins and probiotics, which are best for the health of your gut and can also help one in the process of losing weight. Your gut health is important as it affects your weight when you eat foods rich in probiotics and fiber; they keep the bacteria in your gut happy, which helps in your body metabolism. Taking yogurt leads to reduced appetite and increased satiety levels.


All types of beans are rich in fiber. Fiber is very important to anyone who wants to lose weight; it plays a crucial role in keeping your body fuller for longer hours, thus controlling your hunger and the intervals you are going to eat.

Eating beans has also been linked to other body health benefits, including reduced LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases. Beans are low in calories and have proteins as well.

Leafy greens

These include spinach, Swiss cards, kale, collards, and a few others. Leafy greens have excellent properties that make them good for weight loss. They have low levels of carbohydrates and calories with higher levels of fiber. Consuming Leafy green is the best way of increasing the volume of your meals without increasing the number of calories.

Leafy greens contain high levels of nutrients and vitamins, minerals, antioxidants which have been proved to aid in fat burning.

Boiled potatoes

Potatoes have recently fallen out of favor nowadays, but they are important properties that make them an excellent choice for good health and weight. Potatoes are high in potassium and Fiber, which have shown to be the best food for weight loss.


This another great food for weight loss, Tuna is rich in protein and low in calories. Tuna is a popular food for models and bodybuilders because it offers a high amount of proteins while keeping the intake of calories and fats low. Make sure to take Tuna that is canned in water and not oil if you want to reduce your weight.

Coconut oil

It is rich in fatty acids, fatty acid boost satiety than other types of fats, and in the process, increase the number of calories that you burn.

Green tea

Green tea is regarded as the healthiest beverages in the world. According to Liquidimageco, green tea has been linked to increasing the rate of body metabolism. It helps in reducing the weight of your body by making the metabolism process to happen efficiently and faster.

It contains catechin and caffeine, which are antioxidants. Green tea help in increasing the number of calories burnt and in the process help in reducing your weight. For your body to burn fats from fat cells, your body must first break them down from the fat cell and then move them to your bloodstream.

Several studies have confirmed that green tea contains active compounds that help in the process of the fat burning process. The EGCG antioxidant found in green tea helps in reducing the amount of an enzyme that breakdown norepinephrine hormone. When this hormone is inhibited, norepinephrine increases leading to higher fat breakdown

If you want to lose weight, these are the best foods that you need to include in your diet. Being overweight has a lot of health risks; we should try our best to have the right boy weight.

Best foods for weight loss